Cremation Service


Published: 07/30/2010

by Funeral Home Resource Team



Having a cremation service is gaining in popularity. Cremation is where the body is reduced to organic elements (resembling ashes) through heat and evaporation.

If you select a cremation service, family may keep the ashes in an urn within their home or dispose of ashes in a sea scattering, or scattering over land in  a place of significance to the family or deceased. With a cremation service, you also have the option to bury the ashes in a cemetery with a traditional headstone, or have them interred in a mausoleum.
For families that have selected cremation, and choose to keep the remains or have them placed in a columbarium,  special cremation urns can be purchased. Cremation urns typically are made of
pewter, wood, or marble.  Some cremation urns are truly works of art.

Cremation services are generally more affordable than traditional burials. The average cost of a cremation is between $500 and $1000. 

Because cremation disposes of the body quickly, the cremation memorial or funeral service date can be more flexible. Some memorial services are even as far as a month after death.