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Cremation Services

Cremation Services


Published: 04/30/2010

by Funeral Home Resource Team


Cremation Services

Cremation services come with a wide variety of options and oftentimes, many questions. There are many memorialization options when considering cremation services.

One of the decisions to be make is what should be done with the cremated remains after the cremation and cremation service is complete. There are three basic options:

• The Cremated Remains can be buried or interred on a cemetery in a family plot.
• The Cremated Remains can be scattered.
• The Cremated Remains can be kept by the family members.

Traditional Cremation Service

Traditional cremation services consist of several aspects.

* A viewing or visitation which may take place at the funeral home, church, or at a person's home.
* The cremation service itself
* Internment, scattering, or care of remains in home

Cremation Service/ Memorial Service

In this situation the cremation usually takes place prior to the service. Therefore, the physical body is not present at the service, but the cremated remains can be present if you desire.
The cremated remains are then cared for as to your wish of disposition.
Direct Cremation
With these arrangements, cremation will take place without a ceremony. The remains are then cared for as to your wish of disposition.

At a memorial service, the urn can be an important focal point. After the service, the urn can be buried, placed in a niche at a mausoleum or kept at home.