Cremation containers can be as modest as a corrugated cardboard model to elegant wood-constructed designs built in the style of a casket, suitable for private viewing. They are built not only to be durable and beautiful, but to be efficiently combustible, an important consideration for the cremation process. After the funeral service, a cremation vault may be desired for burial at a gravesite or simply protecting the urn once it is given a resting place. Small enough to be stored easily, they also provide durability to withstand the elements of traditional burial. Usually constructed out of plastic, stone, or concrete, cremation vaults are built to last indefinitely. Far less expensive than traditional storing sites and methods, cremation vaults/containers can be simple or ornately designed to suit the family's needs.

When planning a loved one's final arrangements, consider cremation vaults/containers as inexpensive and dignified alternatives to high-priced traditional funerals. With many styles and models of products to choose from, cremation services can be as personalized and lasting as many other funeral options. Whether looking for simple closure or holding a private service, your local mortician can help you choose the best cremation vaults/containers to suit the occasion.