Green Funerals


Published: 05/17/2010

by Funeral Home Resource Team


Having a Green Funeral is becoming a popular, perhaps even trend way to say good bye to the world. Society's interest in the environment has increased and naturally, many are selecting to have a green funeral to lessen any environmental impact a traditional burial may have.

The funeral industry is to looking into more eco-friendly ways to care for the dead. Three main categories of green services are currently discussed in the industry:

green funerals, green burials and cremation.

A Green Funeral requires two elements: no embalming and a biodegradable casket.After the memorial service (if one is held) the deceased is buried in a casket which will decompose along with the body.

A key feature of green funerals is that there is no embalming, which is typically used to help rpeserve the body (mainly for memorial and funeral service). In a green funeral, the body is preserved for viewing through refrigeration and the use of dry ice.

Green & Biodegradable Caskets can be made of plain wood, cardboard or a form of paper mache. Some people choose to be buried in fabric 'bags' of a sort, or a simple cloth wrapping.

Green Cemeteries are becoming more popular and some traditional cemeteries are now dedicating sections of their property to be used for green burials. These cemeteries will not allow embalmed bodies or burial vaults (all of which oppose the natural decomposition process). All caskets must be biodegradable. The nonprofit Green Burial Council offers a list of "approved providers" who facilitate green burial within conventional cemeteries in eight states.