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 The purpose of a burial memorial is to give meaning to a person’s life.
It is a time for family and friends to gather and remember their loved
one while offering support and comfort to one another, most especially
to the im

What is Cremation

Published: 02/15/2010 by Funeral Home Resource Team in Cremation

What is Cremation: More and more families are considering and turning to cremation as an affordable alternative to traditional burials

Smart Cremation Review

Published: 06/07/2015 by Funeral Home Resource Team in Cremation

For almost a decade, Smart Cremation served residents in the Southwest and Northwest United States. Despite providing unparalleled services to their families, they struggled to assert themselves as the cremation planning...

Smart Cremation, a cremation provider serving Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington, has recently redesigned and launched a new website. The new Smart Cremation website offers useful new features. Learn more below.

Fort Myers cremation costs are dramatically less than a funeral with traditional burial. Families who choose a Fort Myers cremation save thousands of dollars versus more expensive funeral options.

Living on the ocean, San Diego residents develop an almost mystical rapport with the sea. Through balmy beach days or foggy afternoons, the ocean plays a vital role in the weather patterns and way of life in San Diego.

More and more Long Beach families are choosing cremation over traditional burial. Cremation has a variety of benefits, including the fact that it’s more affordable than traditional burial.

In the wake of last week’s debacle with cremated remains in Ohio, Jacksonville families may be wondering what happens to remains after a cremation.

Many families choose a Sacramento cremation because it’s more affordable than traditional burial. However, some families don’t find cremation cost to be a driving factor, and choose cremation for other reasons.

Arranging a Fort Myers cremation feels like a daunting process if you’ve just lost a loved one. Many families feel overwhelmed by the myriad of details they must manage to arrange end-of-life services when they’re already struggling under the burden.