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In Illinois, all dispositions of remains, whether it’s for a funeral or a cremation, fall under the Disposition of Remains Act - Chapter 755 ILCS 65. Illinois state law makes no differentiation between arranging a cremation or arranging a funeral.

Who has the legal right to authorize cremation in California? California state law dictates who can make cremation arrangements - and the order of priority in determining who is legally permitted to authorize cremation.

End of Life Choices of California Celebrities

Published: 04/22/2013 by Karen Parker in Cremation

When a California cremation is chosen for final needs, special locations are chosen for scattering of ashes, places with meaning or history for the deceased. For celebrities, ashes end up scattered in places ranging from the mundane to the unexpected

Pet Cremation

Published: 04/22/2013 by Dachary Carey in Cremation

Losing a pet is never easy. A common method for bidding farewell to these beloved family members is pet cremation. Pet cremation offers an affordable, loving tribute to longtime companions.

Specialty Urns

Published: 04/15/2013 by Karen Parker in Cremation

Specialty urns are sought for their meaning, their beauty, and their relevance. Whether honoring a veteran's military service, acknowledging one's faith, or remembering a loved ones passion, a specialty urn is a simple, long-term way to remember.

Cremation PrePlanning

Published: 04/09/2013 by Dachary Carey in Cremation

Cremation preplanning, along with funeral preplanning, is becoming increasingly popular in today’s well-informed and budget-conscious society. Preplanning cremation offers many benefits, both to the individual and to the family.

Important Death Paperwork Before and After Cremation

Published: 04/04/2013 by Dachary Carey in Cremation

Losing a loved one signals the beginning of an emotional grieving process for family members, but it also carries administrative burdens. If you have recently lost a loved one, expect to handle the following important paperwork.

Cremation Memorials: Urns and Memorial Keepsakes

Published: 02/04/2013 by Karen Parker in Cremation

Following cremation, families must decide how to honor the remains of their loved one. Options range from cremation burial to scattering of ashes to a cremation memorial. A cremation memorial is a physical way to keep and honor the cremated remains.