How to Arrange a Cremation Service


Published: 02/12/2011

by FHR Staff


When arranging for cremation services there are several factors to consider. While many adults have made arrangements beforehand leaving little for surviving family members to do; in other cases, family members can easily research affordable cremation services online or through the phonebook. Cremation memorial services are very important parts of the burial process. If the arrangements and planning are left to family members, they may find that they are not emotionally prepared to handle such a task. This is why seeking the service of others is very helpful.

A reputable funeral home or crematorium will speak with family members in an understanding and considerate manner about the cremation procedure, as well as outline the costs associated with the cremation service and cremation memorial services.

Affordable cremation services can include extra service fees, such as the processing of a death certificate, removal of a pacemaker or other potentially dangerous device and the scattering of remains if desired. Though most cremation services range from $100 to $500, additional charges may add up and can sometimes be confusing for distraught family members.

Due to this fact, the family may consider attaining the services of a funeral home director or staff at the crematorium, who handle the paperwork involved in processing a death certificate and explain the fees that are involved in the cremation procedure. They also aid in the selection of a container for ashes, as well as help set up transportation to a cemetery or other location.

When selecting the cremation service, family members may wish to be present or have a designated party present during the cremation process. Some funeral homes and crematorium services do not allow this practice, so a certain amount of research must be done to find one that is willing to have a designated party present during the procedure.

Finally, when choosing which service to use, consider whether purchasing a special urn or other container is required. If family members plan to have their loved one placed in a mausoleum, urn garden, or church, there might be a requirement for the type of container used. The funeral home will know any necessary specifications required by local and state laws.