How to Reduce Fort Myers Cremation Costs

Fort Myers cremation costs are dramatically less than a funeral with traditional burial. Families who choose a Fort Myers cremation save thousands of dollars versus more expensive funeral options. However, to really save money on your end-of-life planning, employ additional strategies to reduce your cremation costs.

Pre-Plan Your Cremation to Reduce Fort Myers Cremation Costs

The easiest way to reduce your Fort Myers cremation costs is by pre-planning your cremation. When you don’t make arrangements ahead of time, your family has no way of knowing what you’d want. They may choose the much more expensive traditional burial option and plan an elaborate funeral to say their farewells. 

It’s common for families to fall into guilt-motivated spending in order to “prove” how much they love the person they’ve lost and give an elaborate farewell. When you pre-plan a Fort Myers cremation, you remove the burden of planning from your grieving family, and you save them from making emotional spending decisions that could have dire financial consequences.

Prepaid Cremation Locks In Today’s Low Cremation Prices

If you want to take things a step further with saving money on your Fort Myers cremation, prepay your cremation costs to lock in today’s low cremation prices. Historically speaking, funeral and cremation costs rose substantially over the past few decades. There’s no reason to think those costs won’t continue to rise in the future, so locking in today’s rates will save hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on when the cremation services are used. Your family may still need to pay related costs, but the cremation fee will remain at today’s low rate when you prepay your cremation costs.

Reduce Cremation Costs by Specifying Your Wishes on Related Items

Another key area of Fort Myers funeral spending is costs related to cremation. Specify your wishes for these items, too, to further save on your cremation costs. These items include:

  • Urn
  • Preparing the body for a viewing prior to cremation
  • Flowers
  • Other related costs 

When you make your Fort Myers cremation arrangements, create a clear plan for your family to follow regarding your cremation wishes. Advise them that you don’t want them spending a ton of unnecessary money on flowers or other related costs. Make your own urn selection. Decide where you’d like to be interred or have your ashes scattered, and choose something with no cost or low costs. 

By preplanning your Fort Myers cremation, you have the ability to reduce cremation costs and get the end-of-life services that matter to you. Communicate your wishes clearly to your loved ones by creating a thorough cremation plan, and give yourself and your family the peace of mind of knowing that the arrangements are already handled.

18 Dec 2013

By Dachary Carey