Tell Me About Cremation Vaults


Published: 03/15/2011

by Funeral Home Resource


Losing a close family member or friend is one of the most difficult things to endure in life. It is a very stressful time, particularly for those entrusted with making final arrangements. While you grieve the loss of a loved one, you still want to ensure that their wishes are carried out. If the deceased indicated the desire to have their remains cremated, you should know what options are available.

Deciding what to do with the ashes is often a difficult decision. One option is to bury the ashes in a cemetery plot. This allows for both cremation and a traditional burial to take place. For many families, this is the best choice as it provides more opportunity for them to reflect on the life of their loved one. If you choose to have the remains interred, then consider purchasing a cremation vault.

Cremation vaults are small enclosed structures made from either concrete, marble or hard plastic. The purpose of these vaults is to protect the remains of the deceased from the elements of nature. Urns are placed snugly inside the vault, which is then sealed and buried.

Different vaults come with different features. Vaults which have additional features usually cost more. Structural features allow for cremation boxes to better protect the urn and the remains. Examples of these include waterproof coated exteriors, double reinforced construction and steel/bronze lined interiors. Vaults also feature a variety of designs. While most have a minimalist design, others are more elaborately decorated.

Buying a cremation container is very simple. Contact a cremation company in your area or purchase one from the internet. Basic concrete models are available for around $100. Those with more ornate designs and additional features increase the cost as high as $800-1000 or more. It is important that you purchase your vault from a reputable company. If the vault is damaged in transit, you need to be able to return it for another one. If you are unsure about a cremation company, take a little time to research them.

The majority of cemeteries require that cremation vaults/containers be used when interring the remains of a loved one. They are required for several reasons, but primarily to meet state and local ordinances as well as to maintain the ground integrity of the cemetery. You can choose to place a traditional headstone or marker above the burial place. Companies also produce specially designed plaques which are mounted on the top of a vault.

If you are planning to cremate and bury the remains of a loved one, you will probably be required to purchase a cremation vault. Even if you are not required to do so, it is still a good choice. You have several options available which can accommodate any budget. Best of all, for just a small investment have the satisfaction of knowing your loved one's remains are both safe and secure.