The Truth Behind Cremation Costs


Published: 04/07/2011

by Funeral Home Resource Team


Cremation Costs

The burden of planning a funeral lies on the family members to honor their lost loved one. One of the decisions they face is whether to opt for a traditional burial or cremation.

Cremation is the process of burning a body with the use of intense heat and reducing the body to ashes. This process is performed at a chapel, a funeral home or a cemetery where a crematorium is available. A specially designed furnace is used to incinerate human remains at a very high temperature. After cremation, the ashes are given to a surviving family member who decides whether to keep the ashes at home in an urn, bury the ashes into a cemetery plot or scatter the ashes in a place very special to the deceased before his or her death.

Cremation is a process which dates back 2000 years. At first it was discouraged, but as cities grew and cemeteries became crowded, it became a very popular practice. Price of cremation is one factor which makes it desirable over the traditional burial in a cemetery. Burial costs reach as high as $7000 whereas the cremation cost on average is less than $1000.

Inexpensive cremation is not the only factor in the decision to choose this option over a burial. The cremation process is simple and personal services can be performed by the family members at their own convenience. Cremation does not require as much time as a burial as family members can opt to directly go to the crematory and make the arrangements.

Many people also choose cremation due to environmental concerns. Less resources are used in this process and it does not require a casket or burial space. Cremation is not without any drawbacks either. It requires fossil fuel and burning has a direct impact on the environment. This is where the practice of green cremation is stepping in. Standards are being set up to ensure ecologically friendly cremation which requires using filters and biodegradable urns and the proper disposal of the remains.

Cremation maybe a hard choice over a traditional burial, but due to crowded cemeteries and high costs of burial and environmental concerns, cremation is gaining popularity and might be a good choice if you are looking for a simple ceremony for your loved one.